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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Authonomy from Harper Collins

Please join me, and other aspiring (and established) writers at Authonomy from Harper Collins.

We share our manuscripts with other writers, who offer feedback and encouragement in our efforts to realize our dreams.

You may read both of my stories and offer feedback…


…share the link with a literary agent whom you believe would be interested in offering representation!

(I believe this is the part where I type: hashtag "I'm just saying.")

The Romantic is a love story about friendship, passion, and the echo of unrequited love.

When the Angel of Death comes for Hadriel Alighieri, the journey begins. From his deathbed, he travels to the day he fell in love with Sophia Paula. He retraces the steps of his life in search of his unrequited love. But what begins as a journey to fulfill a promise turns into a discovery of the only emotion that defines our lives.

Numinous Universe: The Amulet of Alamin is a Historical Fantasy novel of 111,450 words. It is based loosely on Mesopotamian, Jewish, and Hindu mythologies that draws upon historical places, people, and events.

The veil between the heavens and the underworld has fallen.

In the Land Between the Two Rivers, greed and corruption lead to the fall of kings. A usurper condemns his soul for immortality. Supernatural forces converge in search of a mysterious amulet, and two boys embark on divergent paths with their destinies intertwined.

Aos, the Elioud, guides Inanna on a perilous quest across the Ancient World that blurs the boundaries of reality with the realm of myth. The worlds of a boy general, a missing princess, and a demigod collide.

Angels, demons, and gods are at war. Under the guise of divine right, the poor become expendable pawns to distract the world from a looming danger. The fate of existence hangs perilously in the balance as the realm between the heavens and the underworld collapses into chaos.

Thank you all for your support and input. It is greatly appreciated!

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