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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Romantic Musings: The Morning After Heartbreak

It is never difficult to persuade a romantic to fall in love.

Grant him passage into your heart and he will wander into the corridors of your complexities with the hope of discovery.

He will surrender his memories of heartache. He will recapture his innocence. He will embark on a journey into your secret garden, stopping to study each flower and inhale the scent of your essence until he fills his lungs with your soul.

He will sit on a hidden bench under a tree writing verses and love letters declaring his love. He will idolize you, and bestow upon you qualities and sentiments that will make you the heroine of his heart. You, the impossible maiden, will inspire his prose.

You will be his muse.

Whether you chose him, or he chose you, or the gods chose you for each other, it will not matter, for the heart has about as much control over who it loves as a raindrop has over where it falls.

And he will fall.


Under the weight of his secret affections he will endure the purest of pain. He will deliberate for a long time before confessing his affections. He will feel uncertain how to proceed.

It will all be new to him.


The sweetness and vulnerability of falling in love akin to a sunrise that provides refuge from a lonely night.

He will find you in a crowd of unfamiliar faces. He will search your eyes for salvation from his desires. And your name will rest on his lips; waiting for the tear he will shed when you break his heart.

The chaos and confusion caused by rejection and jealousy will complicate love. You will attempt to dissuade him in an effort to gauge the depth of his emotions. And though he will find it impossible to imagine his world without you, he will adhere to the damnation of his heart.

He will go to hell at your command and struggle with the demons of his desires.

It will never be difficult to persuade a romantic to fall in love. Inextricably, it will never be difficult for him to love you the morning after heartbreak.

“Love?" he smirked "It kills your heart, it steals your soul” ~Obengbia Leyony


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